Dr. Julia Harper

Julia Harper, PhD, MS, OTR/L is a wife, mother, occupational therapist, business owner, psychologist, life coach & mentor, speaker and writer. She brings all of these roles together to serve her mission of helping people-all people to live their lives beyond limitations

For over 20 years, Julia has worked as a pediatric occupational therapist focusing on creating brain-based therapeutic programs that tap into neural-plasticity, the brain’s ability to adapt and change. Her world-renowned therapy center offers a WAY to HOPE which merges her two models: HOPE (Harper’s Optimal Protocols for Enrichment), which focuses on re-wiring the brain of those with physiological, learning and limitations in attention and WAY (What About You), which retrains the brain to move beyond emotional and thought limitations.

Creating change is at the center of her work, as she knows that to best serve the world, she needs to be an agent of change. This begins with the work she has done to change her own life, from becoming a Martha Beck certified life coach, certified Daring WAY facilitator with Brené Brown and studying with Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie and others to the way she works to change the lives of her clients. She hopes that these changes have the ripple effect of changing the world. She is a firm believer that all change begins with her. Daily she lives this change to be the change.


Does inner freedom, connection and peace really exist in this world? Is it for the lucky few who had great parents and circumstances? What about the people with difficult parents and circumstances? Does this inner peace really exist for anyone and if you didn’t learn it or don’t experience it, is it learnable?

These questions sent me on my lifetime search. I traveled the world, read books, took classes, lived in different countries, cultures and experiences and searched to understand this as best as I could. I wanted to spend time with people to see if they were just talking a good game or if they lived it behind the scenes.

What I looked for found me in its own way. I saw that it does exist all around me and does not depend on external circumstances. I also found that it doesn’t rub off. So then began my next search for guidance on how I can grow in this way? How can I, in my practical, worldly, daily life, live more and more in a way I really want to live?

I am so grateful to now know tools to help me work through what blocks me to what I am really aiming for. I can honestly say, it is possible, and sharing this with people as a life coach is my great opportunity and privilege. I love it!


My journey began a couple of decades ago, I just didn’t want to see it. I opted to live my life playing it safe, hiding and pretending that all was well within me and my world. However, a few years ago circumstances arose and I could no longer “live” with blindfolds on nor could I ignore the changes occurring within and around me. At this point I had a choice to make, continue living in a world of denial and darkness or begin to remove the blindfold and open my eyes to see the reality of my life. It was at this very moment when I needed a guiding light to go within myself and see my truth.

When I was truly ready to be present in my journey and to make the changes that I wanted in me and my life, I was fortunate to learn about the program offered by Julia Harper. This is when I learned the tools and strategies that I could apply to my everyday life. Stating that the timing was perfect for me is an understatement, I was ready and eager to learn – I could no longer continue using my old patterns. Now I not only continue to grow and evolve, but I contribute my expertise to Julia Harper Inc., with a Masters in Organizational Management, Bachelors in Business Administration and 20+ years’ experience.

Therefore, you are not alone in your journey for I have traveled it too…


I am a seeker of deeper connections and meaningful work. I began my career as a U.S. Air Force Photographer and Photojournalist, where I covered stories for the likes of four star Generals and Presidential visits. I decided to leave the service and get an MBA as I accumulated over 18 years of Marketing and Communications experience through positions in corporate America, like Head of Communications at DHL and Client Services Director at Havas Media (an international advertising company). But I always felt like I had to be superwoman. To be perfect, get it all done and as Julia would say, “look sexy doing it.” It was exhausting. Julia and her team coached me during some of my toughest moments, which is when I began to SEE how to better navigate through bad behaviors that kept holding me back from truly enjoying my life for what it was.

I was hooked. I wanted more and more of this insight. As I increasingly became more confident in who I was and what I wanted, I decided to leave a comfortable corporate position and work for her. The more people we reach, the more others can access the tools that can help them stop struggling so much with themselves and start enjoying the little things more. It’s the little things that I had the hardest time noticing, now I mostly live in those little special moments that appear every day.


I came to WAY through my son. My journey started like many others. I was so lost that I couldn’t even see that I was so disconnected from myself and the world around me. My son brought me to Julia, to the best center on the planet to help him, but little did I know I would be found there. I learned the tools to not only sore in my own work on myself, but to be connected to my son in ways I had never been. Julia and the WAY team have opened my eyes, my heart and it has changed every aspect of my life. I feel no longer blind. I can see and what a beautiful sight it is! I have much more work to do, my journey continues however I am already the best version of myself I have ever been.

I am inspired by Julia. The WAY has changed my life and like me there are countless others. I’m now addicted to feeling connected to myself, my son and my family and I want to scream it out to the world! Being an event designer and planner by trade, the best way I know how to share something amazing with the world is through social media. As my journey continues, I continue to feel inspired to help introduce Julia and her invaluable tools to the world through our social media platforms.