Healthy Brains = Healthy Companies

You’re a savvy leader. You already know the direct relationship between the health and well-being of your teams and your bottom line. The data is conclusive on the fact that healthy teams create healthy businesses.

During this unprecedented time, the smart leader is looking beyond survival, to thriving. That means you already know that addressing all aspects of your teams’ health is of utmost importance for the strength and growth of your business. You are conscientious and you are paying attention to your team’s physical health. You’ve even taken steps to their mental health. But what about their brain health?

Your teams may be working mostly virtual at this moment. Have you considered how that might be affecting their brain health? Screens are ubiquitous. We need them. It’s not about getting rid of them; it’s about implementing brain healthy strategies into our workdays so that we can Optimize Brain Health for Optimal Brain Performance.

Just as you were ahead of the pack when you introduced wellness programs into your business, gain the advantage by adopting Brain Healthy practices for your team.

Be Proactive! Be Strategic! Be Brain Healthy!

We offer consultation via webinars in 1-hour modules for Leaders and Team Members:

Team Leaders 

These modules will focus on:

  • Learn the Effect of Screen time on the Brain 
  • Determine what aspects of your work day can be adjusted for screen delivery
  • Learn how much screen time is safe for your team members
  • How to build Brain Healthy practices into your team’s work day

Consultation via webinars in one (1 hour) Module

Team Members

These modules will focus on:

  • Learn about the effects of screen time on the brain
  • Learn about how best to use screen time
  • Make decisions about necessary versus unnecessary screen time
  • Know what to do to reduce the negative effects of the screen time