Informed Parents Make Conscious Choices

Parenting 101 is about making choices! Those choices begin from the second our children come into our lives. We choose everything from what we eat and do while we are pregnant to what diapers and baby food to feed them to what schools to send them to. And for every choice that we make, we try to be conscious, solely to protect our children- safeguarding their well-being. As we pay attention to our children’s physical health and attend to their mental health, let’s be sure to remember their brain health.

Planning for the rest of summer and the rest of this year which is full of uncertainty and lack of clarity; be clear. Know that your child’s brain health is a priority, and you need to make conscious choices to protect it in the most practical ways possible.

It’s not all or nothing. We can be grateful for technology and its benefits AND we can also take into consideration and counteract the adverse effect of this on the brain health of our children. Conscious choices require clear, precise information. When you have good, high quality information you can Make Conscious Choices to Protect Your Child’s Brain Health.

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Be Conscious! Be Informed! Be Brain Healthy!

We offer consultation via webinars in 1-hour modules for Parents and Special Needs Parents:

Consultation via webinars in one (1 hour) Module


These modules will focus on:

  • Learn about the effects of screen time on the brain
  • Determine how much screen time to allow
  • Make decisions about necessary versus unnecessary screen time
  • Know what to do to reduce the negative effects of the screen time

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