Adolescent Interventions

One thing is for sure, adolescents are usually the toughest clients, but when they commit they can make the most impressive gains in all areas of their lives.

Intensive Model

Train your teenager’s brain for greater learning and life success.

While the brain is plastic or moldable at every age and stage of development, a key component is willingness of the participant. We have found that when our teenage clients want to make changes in their lives it is impressive and extensive.

Teenagers are our partners. After our teenagers decide to participate in the full evaluation process, we sit with them and discuss their results and offer them information to help them make the decision as to whether they want to commit to an intensive or not. It is completely up to them. Decision made, we move on to the brain rewiring!

We create highly specialized, individualized intervention, that focuses on:

  • Determining the specific interventions and protocols needed for that area of the brain
  • Providing those interventions in the correct order/sequence
  • Identifying appropriate outcomes of the intervention based on the area of brain activated
  • Measuring of the outcomes to identify increased function

Our programs involve a
trans-disciplinary team approach that involves a combination of
specifically designed interventions
including use of specialties such as:

  • Speech Language Therapy
  • Audiology
  • Nutrition ad Feeding Therapy
  • Psychology
  • Mental Health Counseling and Behavior Therapy
  • Cognitive-Education Intervention
  • Sound Intervention
  • Cerebellum Activation Coaching

Another key component of activating neural plasticity is not only creating change in the wiring of the brain of the adolescent, but equally important, ensuring that the brain is supported by an environment that will facilitate use of the newly acquired skills.

Research shows that the most influential aspect of the environment for a teenager is their parents’ behaviors that can facilitate or inhibit independence. Science also indicates that it is imperative that the family also changes to support gains in the individual. For this reason, all brain training intensives for adolescents involve parent training and coaching.

Our program uses our researched-based W.A.Y. Model, that also engages the science of neural-plasticity to rewire changes in how parents think about and behave with their adolescents.

Our intensive programs usually require:

  • Minimum 6 weeks of intervention (determined at the evaluation, based on evaluation results and family needs)
  • 5 sessions per week (Monday- Friday)
  • Average sessions run from 3-6 hours per session (based on your adolescent’s needs)
  • Decreased socialization or social abilities

A Recent Intensive Case:

18-year-old Sarah came to us reluctantly, she knew she wanted to do better in her life, but she was initially resistant to the process. She came to the evaluation at the urging of her mother, but after participating she told us “I want this, I want my life to be easier and happier, I am tired of struggling”. As part of our process, she sent an email to her evaluating clinician, acknowledging her challenges, her understanding of her evaluation results and her desire to participate in the intensive.

She participated in a 6-week intensive where she worked hard and pushed herself to develop increased independence in her life skills. She developed increased problem-solving, decision-making skills and gained over 3 years in her cognitive abilities. She developed more independence in her study-skills and returned home to much more success in her college life.

Sarah wrote a testimonial at the end of her intensive that this was “one of the most important and life-changing experiences of her life”. She left TheraPeeds excited, motivated, grateful and happy. She encourages young adults such as herself struggling in school, with focus, with independence and life skills to consider taking this step. She says “these 6 weeks have changed my life”. Her parents say it was the best investment of their life!