From one EX ‘over-burdened, stressed out perfectionist’ to another, there is a scientific explanation for your reactive behavior. There is also a W.A.Y to navigate around it and this is how…

Your brain is biologically designed to react against ‘bad news,’ or things you DON’T WANT. Like, I don’t want to be stuck in traffic. I don’t want to talk to my mother-in-law. I don’t want to run out of gas. All these ‘don’t wants’ cause us to feel everything from annoyed, ticked, bothered and frustrated. When this happens a part of your brain experiences this as a threat and is programmed to react. That reaction can look like anything from lashing out, avoiding the problem or pretending there is no issue when you know there is.

This is how your brain is hard-wired. After using these strategies, you then tell yourself that you should’ve done things better, differently. I know because I told myself the same thing. Then I got sick of my behavior and the guilt and exhaustion it was bringing me. This pattern is a common thread in those of us with high expectations for our lives and families. I wanted change.

I changed myself and

so can you!

After years of watching my pattern of behavior, listening to thousands of clients, hearing and seeing the same thing, I had to ask the question: Why in spite of wanting change and knowing the information on WHAT change we wanted …why didn’t we??? No amount of will power and wanting did it. What was missing? I searched the research. I found the link. It’s our brain! To my surprise and then great relief, the research showed that these behavior patterns are neuro-biological. They are here to protect us, but now they harm us. Good news! There is a W.A.Y. around these patterns. Allow me to introduce you to the wonderful word that changed my life many years ago: neuroplasticity.



On any given day life is full of don’t wants, and that’s not going to change. Being able to change what happens in us when those don’t wants come… that’s the key to rewiring the brain and changing your behavior. You can reroute yourself around this natural, brain-based, biological behavior pattern through neuroplasticity. I got so excited when I learned how to do this, I dug deeper into the research, got my PhD and created the W.A.Y. program so others could do it for themselves. Since then, thousands of my clients have rewired their own brains around our simply human behavior patterns. Now I’m bringing it to you!



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