Your Brain

May Need an Upgrade

Have you been living in a brain that doesn’t seem to work so well for you? Loss of attention, difficulty getting concepts or holding onto them? Feelings of overwhelm, pressure, anxiety or frustration?

Finding yourself in a lot of conflicts? Or have you just decided to disconnect from people and situations? Are you extremely self-critical?

At work and home, are you missing details, over-thinking and obsessing over others? How about forgetting stuff, having difficulty organizing or breaking things down into steps so you can get stuff done? Feeling less than productive…can’t find your mo-joe?


Brain (physiology) affects Mind (psychology)! Our brains are not the only part of the equation here. Our minds play a BIG role in how we process our experiences. When our brains are not doing its job well because maybe it needs an upgrade, then we may misread a social situation, or have difficulty with doing everyday task.  That experience goes to the mind which may then respond in the form of thoughts such as “socializing is not for me” or “I can’t do this”.

This creates limiting beliefs that we take on to be true…that we believe are part of our personalities. We decide about things we are not good at or that we can’t do. We stop or limit ourselves. “I can’t go for that promotion”, “this is all I can do”, “I’ll never be able to…” This all comes from the mind, that might be just doing that because of what’s happening in the brain.



A Processing Disorder (PD) is a condition in which the brain is inefficient at using and moving incoming information properly. Individuals affected with PD have a decreased ability to functions at optimal performance in life, resulting in lost productivity at work, school, home, and in their daily lives in general. Since 1 in 25 people are affected by PD, it is highly likely that you or someone you know is struggling unknowingly or silently with this disorder.  Left untreated, PD that persists into adulthood can affect an individual's ability to succeed in marriage, work, parenting, and social activities.

Common signs of PD include difficulty following directions; learning and attention problems, overwhelm, frustration, anxiety, OCD, ADD/HD, poor self-esteem, social challenges, difficulty with communication, poor balance, clumsy, and uncoordinated; sensitivity to noises or sounds that seem unoffensive to others; and more.



What Can I do?

PD can be addressed, at any age and stage of development, by changing and maximize the brain’s potential. Thanks to a little-known scientific fact called neuroplasticity, with specific stimulation, brains and minds can grow.

Healthier brains mean successful careers, productive workers, enhanced relationships, better parents, and thriving children. Anyone can become more productive and effective by rewiring their brain and retraining their minds!

Brain Building & Mind Training


The brain can change throughout the lifespan. It’s NEVER too late. Learn how, here!

Intensive Adolescent Brain Training

Train your teenager's brain for greater learning and life success

Intensive Adult Brain Training

Neuro-plasticity is available throughout the lifespan. Train your brain & mind for optimal performance.

BTS- Intense 1:1 Mind Training

Train your mind to develop skills to work FOR you

Corporate Training

Brain Health Consulting

Brain Health = Business Success. Proactive leaders take care of the brains of their team members

Corporate & Group Training Classes

Get ahead of the pack; learn how to address Processing Disorders in your clients and team members

Online Training

Learn about your brain and mind in our online platform.

our mission

Julia Harper, Ph.D., MS, OTR/L is CEO and founder of Julia Harper Inc and TheraPeeds Family Center. She is an occupational therapist, expert in neuroplasticity, master brain trainer, master clinician and master coach, holding certifications in a myriad of brain and mind training techniques. She has focused on creating brain-based therapeutic programs that tap into neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to adapt and change. Her world-renowned therapy center offers a WAY to HOPE which merges her two models: HOPE (Harper’s Optimal Protocols for Enrichment) , that focuses on re-wiring the brain of those with PD, physiological, communication, learning and behavioral deficits and WAY (What About You), which retrains the mind to move beyond emotional and thought limitations. By using intensive methods, Dr. Harper’s treatments result in real change for real people who go on to live their lives beyond limitations.

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