I have the most fun when I am in front of audiences and I get to deliver information about my two favorite topics: brain and behavior. When science is mixed with ‘real-talk’ we all have fun! I’m at my best when I’m live and in person, offering dynamic information with techniques and strategies for overcoming challenges that participants can apply to their lives immediately.


Because we all have brains and we take those brains to work with us, we need to SEE how reactions disarm and undermine us at work. We can all learn how to rewire our brains so that we bring our best selves through the office doors! whether it’s about responding at work, work/life balance or training your brain for improved decision-making and problem solving, there is a WAY to boost productivity and performance. I love to talk about the science of the brain at work. You'll have fun while learning to retrain your brain at small intimate settings or large co-orporate events. I teach practical and applicable strategies that you’ll remember because you’ll have a blast learning them.

"Thank you so much for your willingness to share your life changing message with our families.” – Jeanette Johnson, Jack & Jill of America

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