The Threat to Your Team that’s Right in Front their Eyes!

Is it me, or is the afternoon lull happening around 11:30 am? Have you found yourself reaching for coffee earlier and earlier every day? Finding it harder to concentrate, listen, focus?

What about those headaches after a day of virtual meetings? The restlessness and difficulty falling asleep, only to be followed by taking a ‘break’ zoning out on social media or watching mindless TV. Screen, after screen, after screen.

The pandemic has accelerated the inevitable migration towards the online world, forcing us onto screens. Almost every company, whether they want to or not, is undergoing a digital transformation. Working from home is the new norm, which means more screen-time for you and your staff.

And while we can be grateful for technology and its benefits, we must take into consideration what this means to the health of our team members and YES, the health of our companies. And when I say health, I don’t just mean physical and mental health. I’m talking about Brain Health

Know the Threat

Brain health refers to the health and efficient use of the structures of the brain. Without healthy brain structures, skills such as learning, memory, reasoning, decision making, problem-solving and emotional regulation are significantly compromised.

Excessive screen time is a significant threat to your team’s brain health. Compelling research shows that over-use of screens can affect our brain health. The effects range from sleep disruption, mood dysregulation, effects on focus and concentration, as well as reduction of motivation. Too much screen time can trigger addictive brain pathways or even cause damage to vital brain structures that are necessary for productivity and enjoyment in life.

There’s no going back; screens are ubiquitous. We need them. Working online is here to stay; however, how do you move forward and ensure productivity? You already know the direct relationship between the health and well-being of your teams and your bottom line. The data is conclusive on the fact that healthy teams create healthy businesses. You’re a savvy business leader and already introduced wellness initiatives to promote a healthy workforce. But what else can you do?

Take the Lead

During this unprecedented time of change, smart leaders are already searching for answers. That means you are already trying to address all aspects of your teams’ health because it is of utmost importance for the strength and growth of your business. It’s time to start implementing healthy brain strategies into your team’s workdays to Optimize Brain Health for Optimal Brain Performance.

My team and I are here to help you make appropriate decisions based on science, not hearsay. We are offering consultation via webinars in 1-hour Modules. The module for Team Leaders will focus on:

  • Learn the Effect of Screen time on the Brain
  • Determine what aspects of your workday can be adjusted for screen delivery
  • Learn how much screen time is safe for your team members
  • How to build Brain Healthy practices into your team’s workday

The module for Team Members will focus on:

  • Learn about the effects of screen time on the brain
  • Learn about how best to use screen time
  • Make decisions about necessary versus unnecessary screen time
  • Know what to do to reduce the adverse effects of the screen time

Just as you were ahead of the pack when you introduced wellness programs into your business, gain the advantage by adopting Brain Healthy practices for your team.

Be Proactive! Be Strategic! Be Brain Healthy!