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Brain Health = Business Success. Proactive leaders take care of the brains of their team members.

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Get ahead of the pack; learn how to address Processing Disorders in your clients and team members.

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Learn about your brain and mind in our online platform.


You have just been invited into Julia’s Living Room, where you will find comfort and ease while gaining powerful mind-changing tools in a highly intimate environment. Curated with the finest details, these invitation only exclusive events offer the richest level of connection with Julia, as you are fully immersed and can break all the rules to open up and talk about anything and everything.

To attend these exclusive events you must be invited by another member or apply for a gold membership, where you can access our initial level of brain-changing information. For those of you that have already participated in a Living Room event, you will be invited to the platinum level of membership. This all happens in the Living exclusive place for exclusive minds.

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